Pampered Sloth Deodorant Lotion for Sweaty Bits

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It takes a lot for us to really fall in love with a product because we aren't big "product" girls but this one is a must have!! 

Pampered Sloth Deodorant Lotion is great for all your stinky bits. It is formulated to manage odor, moisturize, and reduce uncomfortable chafing. All-natural ingredients that smooth on like a lotion, then absorb and dry quickly to a satiny, powder finish. The calming scents will keep odor at bay while the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil and witch hazel will help to keep stink-causing bacteria under control. Plus, it's soothing for your skin if you've shaved!

With summer coming, I feel like we can all use some of this! 

Great for:

  • The powder finish of this lotion is great for your inner thighs to help with chafing. 
  • Good on your pits, under your breasts and around your lady parts! 
  • After the gym, after a shower, on a hot day or just to freshen up! 
  • Amazeballs and Lumberjack are great for men too!!

**Products are developed and packaged in Laveen, AZ by our super talented friend Celeste! We love supporting small business owners! 

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