Pampered Sloth Aromatherapy Perfume Roller Balls

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The Pampered Sloth uses therapeutic grade essential oils in our Perfume Roller Balls. Each scent and botanical combination is chosen to evoke a specific scent reaction. Incorporate aromatherapy into your life to see how it can help you naturally!

“Energy” Perfume Roller – Grapefruit has a fresh, citrus smell that is energizing and helps to elevate the spirit while Marigold flowers contain potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

“Emotion” Perfume Roller – Rose Oil and dried Rose petals both work to fight dry skin! The aromatherapy benefit of Rose Oil is that it can decrease stress and anxiety and can increase libido!

“Happy” Perfume Roller – The sweet smell of Orange Blossom Oil helps to elevate your mood and lower stress levels. Jasmine buds have been shown to enhance mood and improve brain activity.

“Clarity” Perfume Roller– Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint both combine to sharpen thoughts and provide clarity. Eucalyptus oil can help to relieve allergies and stuffiness while peppermint can help to relieve the pain of a headache. 

“Balance” Perfume Roller – Vanilla brings us back to comfort and peace and both it and cornflower can help relieve PMS symptoms and bring balance to your mood.

“Relax” Perfume Roller – Lavender and Chamomile have long been known to promote relaxation and decrease stress. When used before bedtime, Lavender can help you sleep more soundly. 

Each bottle is 10ml